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One of the most popular courses for those working in front line roles is our Conflict and Aggression Management Course. This course has been designed to enable workers to deal with aggressive or volatile situations without the need for physical measures; a hands off approach.

The course covers a range of different subjects; all of which are delivered in a classroom style environment and give a simple, yet comprehensive level of knowledge for staff.

Course Topics

The course covers a range of different subjects:

  • Dealing with conflict within the law

  • Risk assessments

  • Effective communication

  • Lone working and safe working

  • Post incident reporting and support

  • Dealing with aggressive behaviour whilst remaining non-aggressive

  • The use of body language in conflict management


If you are looking for a high quality base course for your staff to attend, then this is the one that comes highly recommended.

Available as a 1 Day Course

confidence to deal with conflict situations


Looking for more detail, why not download a sample course itinerary? This will give you a full rundown of the typical activities within this course.

Course Enquiry

Interested in this course? Want to know more about how we can customise it for you or your organisation? Drop us a line today.

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