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This course is designed to equip those who may have to deal with an armed assailant.

Course Topics

The course covers:

  • Realise that self-defence/disarming techniques are used when all other options have failed, it is a last resort

  • Understand the different UK laws that cover you in defence of yourself

  • Your best options when faced with a weapon is to run away if possible.

  • Remember your first duty of care is to yourself

  • If possible, remove yourself safely from the situation, only try to disarm the assailant when all other options have failed

  • How to deal with certain assaults against a person

  • Learn how to effectively disarm and remove the weapon from static holds

  • Learn how to effectively disarm and remove the weapon from assailants lunging movements

  • Know the quickest & safest escape from strangles / dealing with blunt & sharp weapons

  • How to apply an effective stance, in order to deal with head butts, punches and kicks

  • Assess and use your environment, thus working out the quickest possible escape route to minimize confrontation

  • Remember in self defence you can get hurt, where a weapon is used it can be your life!!

The course is designed for your input. The two days course is a basic introduction to basic techniques.

Available as a 2 Day Course

Where comprehensive
training is necessary


Looking for more detail, why not contact us to discuss your needs.

Course Enquiry

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