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Control and Restraint/Safe Holding is a course that covers the very last resort option that can be used in extremely dangerous situations.

The techniques taught within the session are fully hands on, up close and personal approaches that include low, medium and high levels of control and restraint.

Course Topics

During the training, every attendee will be taught how to control and restrict someone’s movement; they are also shown the best ways to move the person and how to safely hold someone down on the floor in order to minimise risk of injury to them and to the trainee.

This course is most frequently attended by staff from the NHS, mental health workers and those who work within security.


The National Federation for Personal Safety (NFPS) has awarded BRS Ltd the following accreditations:

  • Approved Self Defense Trainer

  • Conflict Management Trainer

  • Qualified PI Trainer

Available as a 1  or 2 Day Course

Last Resort Techniques


Looking for more detail, why not download a sample course itinerary? This will give you a full rundown of the typical activities within this course.

The course Itinerary below is based on a 1 Day for people who are familiar with Control + Restraint training before. For a full PMVA training Itinerary please click here

Course Enquiry

Interested in this course? Want to know more about how we can customise it for you or your organisation? Drop us a line today.

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