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Phew! It's been a whirlwind few weeks here at BR Specialists, and we're not slowing down anytime soon. We've been zipping across the UK faster than you can say "personal safety," delivering our Train the Trainer courses to some fantastic organisations. 

First stop: a bustling higher education institution in the North. The energy was electric with this team we trained here (and not just because of the copious amounts of coffee consumed). We tailored our course to meet the unique challenges faced by university staff, from handling late-night campus scenarios to managing large groups of students. By the end, our participants were keener than freshers on their first night out – ready to cascade their new knowledge throughout the institution.

Next, we hopped on down to sunny South England (well, it was raining, but we Brits are optimists). Here, we worked with a fantastic care provider, helping them build their in-house training capacity.

The challenge? Fitting training around their round-the-clock care schedules. Our solution? A flexible Train the Trainer course that allowed them to subsequently deliver personal safety training at times that suit their care staff. The result? More trained staff, lower costs, and a whole lot of happy carers. 

We're currently packing our bags for our next adventure: a Train the Trainer course at another higher education institution again in the North of the UK. We're excited to bring our expertise to another university. This time we'll be training the nursing faculty training team. This will enable the next generation of nurses to work confidently in their workplace environments.

The BRS Difference: Benefits of Our Train the Trainer Approach

  • Cost-effectiveness: We help organisations save money by delivering the course internally

  • Flexibility: Our courses are enable your trainers to deliver training when and where they need it.

  • Tailored content: One size doesn't fit all. We customise our courses to suit each organisation's specific needs.

  • Ongoing support: We don't just train and run. We're here to support our trainers for the long haul with up-to-date guidelines, techniques and recurring refresher courses

A Word from Nick Attard, General Manager at BRS:

"Our Train the Trainer courses give organisations the know-how to provide in-house training on a more frequent basis. This makes it more cost-effective for those organisations, and they can tailor-make it to their specific requirements. It gives trainers the confidence to deliver, backed by our expertise. Plus, trainers get access to ongoing support as required, and updates. They can deliver as and when, which gives them more options."

Throughout the UK and further afield, BR Specialists is committed to delivering high-quality personal safety Train the Trainer courses. It's been gratifying to witness organisations from various sectors adopting the Train the Trainer approach and experiencing its numerous benefits.

As we prepare for another month of Train the Trainer courses we are looking forward to bringing our expertise to organisations throughout the country, and adapting our approach to meet the unique needs of each client.

If you're interested in learning how our Train the Trainer courses can benefit your organisation, we encourage you to get in touch. Our team would be pleased to discuss how we can tailor our program to your specific requirements, helping you build a robust, in-house personal safety training capacity.

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