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In today’s dynamic workplace environments, effectively managing conflict is not just a skill but a necessity. For organisations that recognise the importance of nurturing this essential competence, the Train The Trainer (TTT) course stands out as a beacon of leadership empowerment.

A Fresh Approach to Training

Our TTT course is specifically designed for organisations with a continuous need to equip their staff with cutting-edge conflict management strategies. We have a strong working relationship with healthcare providers, hospitality groups and academic institutions. We've delivered TTT courses throughout Europe and further afield.

The course is crafted to offer trainers from diverse industries the tools and insights necessary to deliver impactful training tailored to their organisation’s specific needs.

The structure of our TTT course is rooted in the most modern techniques and a deep understanding of the relevant legislation. This ensures that each session is not just informative but transformative, providing trainers the ability to handle situations involving conflict and aggression effectively within the workplace.

Customised Learning Experiences

Understanding that each organisation has unique challenges and goals, we offer the flexibility of a 3-day or 5-day course. This adaptability allows us to tailor our sessions to the precise needs of your staff and organisational dynamics, ensuring that every minute spent training is impactful.

Our trainers, all esteemed members of the National Federation of Personal Safety (NFPS), bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. Their expertise ensures that all participants not leave the course with a comprehensive toolkit for dealing with conflict in the workplace.

Continuous Improvement and Professionalism

In addition to initial training, we provide refresher courses designed to keep your in-house training team’s skills sharp, their knowledge up-to-date, and their professionalism at the highest standard. These sessions are crucial for maintaining the efficacy of your training programs and ensuring long-term results in conflict management.


Every trainee who passes through the course will gain certification from BRS Ltd, and also from our accreditation body the National Federation for Personal Safety.

A Proven Track Record

The effectiveness of our Train The Trainer course is best illustrated by the feedback from our clients, such as the Hamad Medical Corporation. Their Lead Training Educator praised the course:

"Amazing trainers that have given us so much more confidence and would highly recommend this company. They have spent fifteen days with us training our trainers to a very high standard."

Join the Ranks of Empowered Leaders

By choosing our Train The Trainer course, you are not just selecting a training program; you are opting for a transformational journey for your leaders. Equip your trainers with the skills, confidence, and knowledge to turn potential conflicts into opportunities for growth and understanding. Experience the change with us and foster a more harmonious, productive workplace.

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