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At BR Specialists, we're committed to providing essential training to educational institutions across the UK. With a focus on enhancing the safety and well-being of both teachers and students, we're excited to announce the expansion of our services to a wider range of educational establishments. This includes primary and secondary schools, special needs units, and higher education institutions.

We offer 1-day or 2-day courses that can be conducted at your location or a nearby venue, designed specifically for teachers and classroom support staff. Our training is comprehensive, combining practical techniques with a thorough understanding of the legal frameworks within which interventions operate.

Nick Attard, our Lead Trainer, addresses a common misconception in educational settings:

"There's a misconception around what you can and can't do to restrain or de-escalate violence and aggression from children and teenagers."

It's crucial to understand that while we must be sensitive to the needs and developmental stages of children and teenagers, teachers have the right to protect themselves.

"Teachers don't go to work to be attacked by the persons they teach; they have the legal right to keep themselves safe in the school setting."

Our training starts by covering the legal aspects of what teachers are allowed and not allowed to do. We make sure to address any "bad information" circulating around these critical issues. Additionally, we teach therapeutic moves to help educators keep themselves safe, along with higher levels of physical engagement techniques. These essential intervention techniques are not designed to be violent or aggressive; their primary goal is to ensure the safety of both the teacher and the student. We provide a series of restraint techniques for situations where restraint is the last necessary option.

The importance of this training is underscored by recent data, such as the BBC's report indicating that 1 in 5 teachers have been hit. This alarming statistic highlights the need for proper training and the empowerment of teachers to handle challenging situations effectively and legally.

At BR Specialists, we are dedicated to offering effective and legally sound training to educational institutions across the UK. We've worked with many SEN units, schools and colleges.

Our goal is to create a safer and more supportive learning environment for everyone involved. Consider the benefits of our training for your staff and students, and join us in making our schools safer places for education and growth.

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